Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Fintele Stage for RBR

 Well hi, its a me rodrigo, here i present the remake of the belgian stage i made a while back, and yes before it was bad and im the first to admit it, but hey i made it to run on my old laptop so what can be expected, but that is no more so i was able to go further into detail so here is the result, and its not bad if im allowed to say so.

As for other projects i have a couple more belgian stages i also have in a basic state right now, so might go for that next, still those might take more time as some more things need to be done on them, some more custom assets and more refining the bases i alreay had before and beacuse of the difference in lenght in comparison to the short fintele, but they will come soon TM. 

Layout of future project

Also another announcemt i would like to make is that i will now accept donations in paypal, so if you like what i do and feel like sending some support its apreciated. Also this would help me to improve my setup to get more productivity and connfort at the time of making stages and other things rbr related like going deeper into stage making and completing the car I started to make and make physics for it. 

Paypal: Send Support (its not my own paypal as mine doesnt work so its my sister's actually)

I really like this belgian stage layouts and they are also simple to make and the results are very nice, so without further here the links. 

Fintele Download link

Fintele Reverse Download link

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